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Our menu is created to offer you classic Aegean recipes and traditional tastes of Naxos. In our kitchen we use only fresh and biological products cooked in Greek virgin olive oil.

Join us anytime of the day for a Greek journey to the Aegean and Naxian cuisine in our restaurant or for a relaxing coffee with a breathtaking view to the crystal clear waters of Mikri Vigla and the charming sunset, in a family environment where our every guest becomes a new friend...

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Most of the products, vegetables and ingredients we use for the salads and starters are of our own homemade production. The oil we use is virgin olive oil.

*frozen product


*frozen product


In charcoal and fresh cut the moment you place your order.


*frozen product

Cooked Meals


All kinds of meat are produced in Naxos. The minced meat is from beef. Lamb, potatoes and most of the herbs we use are homemade products.


Just a few meters behind the restaurant in Mikri Vigla is where you will find our private vineyard where we produce our homemade, barrel wine and "raki" or “tsipouro”, still using traditional methods, our grandparents taught us, maintaining the authentic quality and natural flavours of the land over the years.

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